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Summary One$DB: An Open Source Java Database
Category libraries
License GNU Lesser Public License
Owner(s) sachingarg

Open Source SQL Database

  Key Features
  Why One$DB
  Road Map
At Daffodil Software, we have a dedicated team of technical experts working towards improving the features and performance in One$DB. We will also open the codes for the following features which are supported in Daffodil DB, but not included in One$DB, in a phased manner Learn More

One$DB is an Open Source version of Daffodil DB, our commercial Java Database. One$DB is a standards based (J2EE-certified, JDBC 3.0 and SQL 99 compliant), platform independent, footprint size open source database server that can be embedded into any application and requires zero or minimal administration. Daffodil DB is the first Java database that has shown the capability to take on enterprise databases with its high performance in real time environments, Compiere compatibility being the best example so far. One$DB being an open source version of Daffodil DB is exactly the same as Daffodil DB barring a few features and has been made available in both Embedded and Network editions.

Feature-rich, enterprise-class Open Source SQL databases are the need of the hour because databases are infrastructure software that needs continuous improvements in terms of features and performances.

Through Open Sourcing One$DB, we intend to enter the open source database market wherein some players have validated the existence of such a growing market. We have more features to be right out there and our licensing policy (LGPL) does not impose any kind of restriction i.e. users can embed One$DB with commercial applications also, without having to pay any fees to Daffodil. Apart from the free support through forums and Live Chat, Daffodil also offers affordable commercial support for the product under its One$/day support program.

Although Open Source database arena has produced quality SQL database softwares, there is a considerable gap between market demand and features offered. One$DB with its impressive set of features can bridge that gap. As we added new features time and again, we felt that such a feature-rich SQL database, fully backed by a professional company, going Open Source, will be of immense benefit to both Java and Database community. We hope that One$DB, being a pure open source SQL Java database will accelerate the development of Java-based applications and drive more innovation around Linux and Java through community involvement.

Being a footprint (less than 3 MB), One$DB can be easily deployed and embedded in a variety of Java-based applications. Strict adherence to industry standards like J2EE certification, JDBC 3.0, and SQL 99 compliance is a significant feature of One$DB open source database . More importantly, full compliance to SQL 99 will ease any future application migration to other databases. Apart from the Embedded edition, One$DB also has a Network edition to facilitate data management in a networked environment. Further, One$DB being a matured product and fully backed by Daffodil, the community can make use of a plethora of resources like manuals, articles, white papers and release notes already available for free. Commitment to industry standards, coupled with the availability of Network as well as Embedded editions with full documentation set is a big distinction from other players in the Open Source arena.